Cocktail Freezer Pops (Yes, You Read that Right!)

It’s been a little bit quiet over here on belinder, and I have big life changes to blame. It’s amazing how a new job and a cross-country move can throw you off track just as you were starting to gain momentum with something. So while I haven’t made any ice cream in more than a month (the longest I’ve gone since I started, I think), I have made other frozen treats as part of my new role as editorial director of Brit + Co.

Cocktail Freezer Pops

Two weeks ago, I made a new take on Fla-Vor-Ice pops, but of course, my version was a bit boozy. If you head over to Brit + Co you’ll find my recipes for Strawberry Margarita, Bramble, and Dark & Stormy freezer pops. All frozen in Zipzicles, these awesome skinny zippered plastic bags designed just for that purpose.

Cocktail Freezer Pops Filling

See all the recipes here: Cocktail Freezer Pops on Brit + Co. Stay tuned for more Zipzicles ideas here in the future—at the request of my gracious hosts I’ve ordered more of them to play around with.

Cocktail Freezer Pops

[all photos by Chris Andre for Brit + Co]

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